Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Garage Sale Buys from last week

I had two mornings of garage sales while in NY. They have a lot of Friday sales, which I'm not used to here in Maryland. And of course, I tend to come across stuff that I don't normally see. Like skis. And 20' long tobaggans. I should have taken a picture of it, it was the longest tobaggan I had ever seen and it was $20. No, I didn't buy it, but in the right house, it would have made for an awesome shelf or something.

Above pic if of my Friday's stash. Came across one sale where a woman was selling all kinds of lotions and stuff for $1 each. The brand new reed difuser thing was also $1 at the same sale. Hats were $1 each so was the Mickey Mouse ear Salt & Pepper shakers. A lot of the lotions/perfumes weren't cheap to buy new - Daisy Fuentes, Banana Republic, Vera Wang, Calvin Klein etc. Car radio was free. Will see if anyone wants it on eBay. Also bought a plastic thing that goes on the floor under your computer chair (whatever it's called). It was $1. So was Dora Video (its one that we don't have). Vintage Christmas Salt & Pepper shakers were $.50

I didn't take a pic of my buys on Saturday. Some of the more intersting items were a Texas Instruments Speak & Say for $1. Several Super Nintendo Games for .25 each and two bottles of champagne for $2 each. I am a sucker for yardsale liquor. If I see it, I gotta have it. Oh, I also bought 9 kid's backpacks for $1 each (each backpack contains a beach towel, water bottle, frisbee. Will probably resell at my next yardsale. Also bought a nice big fish windsock for .50

I usually find more "vintage" stuff when I garage sale in NY. Only vintagy thing I got was 4 depression glasses for .25 each (2 green, 2 pink). Also bought a Arkansas Gothic puzzle (spoof of Grant Wood's American Gothic painting) - it features Bill & Hilary Clinton. It was .25

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