Monday, July 21, 2008

Update last week or so

My guests left today, so I'm just catching up on email, blog, message board, yadda yadda. Oh, and I need to do laundry. I kinda took a vacation from doing laundry over the past week, so needless to say, I have a mountain of dirty clothes to tackle.

Remember how I said I tried to win Huey Lewis & the News tickets last month from the radio station with no success? Well last week the same radio station was giving away Kenny Loggins tickets (with opening act Edwin McCain) for a concert that will take place later this week. I was hoping they'd do another "be caller #9 for a pair of Kenny Loggins tickets". No, this time they decided to do trivia. Uggh. My computer is not near the radio so when the DJ announced they were taking callers for a trivia contest I ran to my computer and started dialing the phone and googling "wiki kenny loggins". I just knew they'd have some obscure Kenny Loggins trivia such as what was his 3rd grade teacher's name was or something.

The winning person had to answer 3 trivia questions correctly by answering true or false. The first two people got answers wrong. (They asked different trivia for each person). My call got thru - finally. I just needed to answer these three questions right and I'd be sitting pretty at Kenny Loggins.

1. A catfish has no sense of taste. (true/false)
2. A cat's hearing is more sensitive than a dog's (true/false)
3. Jimmy Hoffa's middle name is "Riddle" (true/false)

And being the brainiac that I am......I AM GOING TO KENNY LOGGINS!!!!! Yepper, I won a pair of $48.50 tickets. I sorta cheated though. Well I did guess at the first two questions (both true). Then when the DJ read the third question, I knew I couldn't mess it up and said "I'm ...... sorry ........ can ........ you ........ repeat ........... the ........ question? I ...... did ...... not ...... hear ......... it" As I am saying that I am furiously googling wiki Jimmy Hoffa. Another true answer.

I am glad because I had planned on volunteering at the concert. But then DH said he'd have to work late - really late - on the night of the concert. I thought it wouldn't really be worthwhile to hire a babysitter so I could be a volunteer there. But then DH said his work schedule changed and he'd be off that day BUT he may go away to a motorcycle show so it still wouldn't work out for me to volunteer.

But now it all has worked out....he is not going to the motorcycle show, and doesn't really care to see Kenny Loggins so I will get to go with a friend.

p.s. Yes, the three people who guessed a part of a vertebrae in the last post are correct. I guess I've led a sheltered left and am not used to seeing skeletal remains/bone pieces like the majority of my blog readers have. haha. We found the rest of the skeletal remains on the beach.

p.s.s I am really looking forward to the concert. I just know Edwin McCain will sing this song, which I love

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