Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mini-Stalking of Huey Lewis and the News

On Monday (the day after the Huey Lewis & the News Concert), I happened to be driving by one of the nicer hotels in the area, and what do I see? The same tour bus and tractor-trailer I saw parked at the concert. I had made a mental note of what it looked like when I was at the concert. Not that I am a stalker or anything creepy. Maybe a little stalker-ish, but not a full blown stalker. Oh and maybe Jacob and I walked around the hotel a little and checked out who was at the swimming pools, exercise room and telecommunications room. And rode the elevator - Jacob likes elevators. Didn't see anyone interesting. In my car I found one of my business cards. Perhaps I may have written something crazy on it like "Can I have your baby?" or maybe something else, it's all a blur I can't remember exactly what I said. Then I stuck it in the latch of the tourbus. And took a picture. Objects in the mirror are larger than they appear. Sheesh - my svelte Size 2 body looks humongous in the chrome finish!

p.s. Huey, if you call and a man answers, just say you're conducting a survey and need to talk to the lady of the house. And Huey, if you don't call, I'll just assume it's because we had a massive rainstorm about a half hour after I stuck my card in the door and the rain washed it away.

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