Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tower of Toys

Well really, I made a tower of games, but tower of toys sounds better. I forgot to mention this purchase from yesterday...made at the grocery store. When the new grocery store opened a few months ago and I saw the huge aisle of toys, I thought "WHO in their right mind buys TOYS at the grocery store???? I guess I do now. I mean, unless your kid got invited to a birthday party last minute or something. I can remember grocery stores always have had a small 6' x 6' area of the store devoted to cheaply made toys meant to shut a kid up while shopping. But not an aisle devoted to Dora the Explorer, Play Doh, Fisher Price and Milton Bradley.

So yesterday I just happened to spot that the travel games were 75% off so I practically bought the store out of travel games. They were $1.50 each. I figured they can also make inexpensive gifts. And I will put a grouping up on ebay and see how they do.

Thanks for the nice comments over there in the YSQ Talk Box.

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