Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bargains bargains everywhere...

Did some regular store bargain hunting today. Stopped at Walgreens after dropping Jacob off to catch the bus for summer (day) camp. I found that they marked a bunch of stuff down. I want to go back tomorrow. I cleared them out of their supply of discounted tape ($2.50 for 4 rolls of 3M brand tape). Original price was $10 per 4-pack.

Then stopped at Food Lion for a few items. I saw that some of their summer stuff was 75% off and bought two pairs of these flip-flops for $1.75 each (regular price was $6.99) and two big plastic outdoor planters also for $1.75 each. I had already removed the tag on the green pair before I took the pic.

I am really not a flip-flop wearer. These are my firsts. I prefer a regular sandal with a back and no thingy between the toes. But change is good. So I will give these a try (plus they will be good to wear when I get my $30 mani-pedi.

DH was off work today and he was getting new tires for his truck so I followed him and while the truck was getting worked on, we went out to lunch at Lonestar and used one of our free lunch coupons ($9.99 value). They punch a card everytime you eat lunch and once the card is full, it's good for a free lunch. We've had some generous servers who punched it twice at a time (instead of once) so the card filled up quickly.

I also went to Staples and spent .08 They don't give out the $3 inket coupons anymore, but instead when you recycle cartridges the $3 gets credited to your Staples Rewards card and they send you a check once a quarter based on how many inkjets you recycled. Well I got my check yesterday, for a whopping $3. Used it today.

I bought a package of .99 pens, $1.99 Cadoozles (mechanical pencils) and two packages of erasers at .05 each. And to top it off, I'll get a $1.99 rebate check back from Staples for the Cadoozles.

Last week when Office Depot had their penny deals, I stopped in (since I was driving right past it) and bought the penny rules, erasers, folders and protractors. Then when I was looking around I found a clearance area that had a whole bunch of shipping supplies discounted (like rolls of tape for .50, mailing labels etc - I cleaned them out too).

p.s. I forgot to mention, when I won the Kenny Loggins tickets, I also got a certificate good for a free oil change at Jiffy Lube. Will have to call Mr. Tire and find out when my last oil change was. Yes, I know, I need to get organized and keep better records.

p.s.s. And my passport came yesterday so now I am ready to do worldwide yardsailing, bargain hunting, and thrift store shopping.


Anonymous said...

Chris, I read alot about your Inkjet cartridges, where are you getting those from? I go through two a year!

Fellow Lusbian said...

I only have one question-are you using this stuff, or are you hoarding? I'm not making a joke or being rude. I have a friend's mom who was a hoarder and we tried to do an intervention for her. She was obsessed with bargains, sales, etc, and eventually their house was too full of stuff for the family to function. I'm not saying this is you, because a.) i have only read like 20 posts, b.) i don't know what your house is like, and c.) i suspect you are reselling this stuff somewhere., but I hope you aren't just collecting. It really is a disease.

xango said...

I think bargaining is nothing but a silly game to make yourself foolish.

Chris said...

Anonymous/Gail - I used to buy the empty inkjet cartridges in huge lots of 100 or 200 at a time on ebay. For about .50 -.75 a cartridge, then I would recycle them at Staples to get the $3 coupons. Now I just buy a cartridge here or there at yardsales (for about .50 each, if they are more, I just decline).

Fellow Lusbian - yes, I could see how if someone didn't know me, buying 12 rolls of packing tape may seem a excessive/hoarding for an average person. I sell on ebay so I need tape for sealing boxes. And about other stuff i buy, if its for my own use, I try to constantly "upgrade" my stuff, so if I buy something at a yardsale, I try to sell my "old" thing at a yardsale. For instance the $5 set of Henckle knives I bought in the ranch club this year - I will keep those and sell my old set during my next yardsale.

Xango - yes, I am proud to be living "foolishly" - our mortgage is paid off, all our vehicles (incluing a BMW) is paid for, and no credit card debt. I bet you are paying a lot of what Dave Ramsey calls "Stupid Tax"

eggfooyoung said...

bargaining is just fun. you get to save money, and then i tell others about it so they can save too. so chris, keep up the good work, you inspire me to save more each day!