Saturday, February 10, 2007

Yardsale season still over a month or two away

so no yardsales for me today. I did go to Smile this week and buy a few goodies, like a bottle of Victoria Secret Very Sexy for Her perfume and lotion at $1 each. At VV, I bought Jacob some Super Nintendo games at .50 each.

In going thru my old pictures - I found this one I took several months ago. It's a typical Wednesday morning at Smile - a line of people gather waiting for the doors to open. (Smile is closed Sun-Tuesday so people know that Wednesday is the best day for the best selection - although they continuously put out new stuff).


Gina said...

You might just be in heaven (as I am now) after moving to California. I am specifically in Northern Cali which is much coller and wetter than SoCal during the winter BUT there are still yard sales year round on nice weekends.

Sean Sellers said...

Hey Chris, Why don't they have winter time yard sales? At the state fairgrounds flea market in Raleigh, the winter is when you get the deals! I've found a place here in the Greensboro/High Point area called "Red's" that's like a yardsale all the time.

Glad you're still dedicated to this blog! Sean Sellers (remember me?)