Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Another Wednesday, another snowday (but no snow)

Well it rained yesterday so schools were closed 2 hours early. And they are closed today due to icy roads. Probably just in the northern part of the county - there's puddles in my driveway here in the southern part of the county.

All I can say is there better be school tomorrow!! The kids are off on Friday and Monday for teacher in-service day and President's Day. And the thing is, when schools are closed, Smile is closed. Not going to Smile on a Wednesday throws me off for the rest of the week! And since there was another snow day last Wedneday, I am really not liking this trend.

I did manage to get to VV yesterday and bought a pair of funky red ostrich clogs made by Dansko. They definitely caught my eye and the price was right.

Going to make some cake mix cookies with Jacob today for Valentine's Day. (Take a dry cake mix, mix in an egg and some oil, form into cookies and bake).

Also have to start doing some body maintenance for an upcoming semi-formal party that I'm going to on Friday night. Today my plan is to hide my greys. I was going to have a manicure tomorrow, but right now my nails are so short, its probaby not worth it. I can do my nails myself.

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