Thursday, February 01, 2007

Happy February

Happy February. My son did his schedule for the month - I thought it was cute.

Well I'm biting the bullet and not going to Smile today. I have so much stuff to do at home. Plus, it's snowing a little and no use going out and getting my car dirty unless I really have to. I hate getting all that water on the floor of the garage from melting chunks of snow stuck to the car.

I have to get our health care account for 2006 straightened out. I swear it's driving me nuts. I hate it. I am so glad we are not going to use it again this year, not worth the hassle at all. In 2006 thru my husband's employer we used you put in a certain amount of money (your choice of how much) and the benefit of that is that you're issued a debit card to use in stores for over the counter medicines and doctor co-pays. Well the real benefit is that you don't pay taxes on that money, as long as its going toward your health. Ugghh so last year they changed it and now you have to submit receipts for everything you used the card for. Otherwise you will have to pay THEM back even though its YOUR money! What a frickin headache. So not worth the hassle. Well on the plus side, I am getting pretty good at using the fax feature of my scanner/printer since I have to fax them all these forms and receipts and then do it again when they tell me I'm using the wrong form.

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