Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Have I mentioned lately that I love Staples?!?

Well I do. In today's mail I got a $8.60 rewards gift card from them as my quarterly reward. I'm a member of their rewards program so for every purchase I make, I get a % back (I think it was like 2%) every quarter. But in today's mail they said my Reward percentage has been upgraded to 5%.

Since I'm sorta running low on empty inkjet cartridges, I just bought 150 empty cartridges on ebay (free shipping). I paid .60 per cartridge so that will each turn into a $3 Staples coupon when I recycle them. So for every $9 I spend at Staples, its really like I spent $1.80. Plus I will be getting 5% back. Then if I really want to double dip, I can charge all my Staples purchases on my Discover card for their cash back bonus. (We pay off our credit cards every month so I don't need to be concerned with paying interest etc).

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