Sunday, February 04, 2007

Boy, am I really on the ball!

For the past 1.5 years, I had kinda been wondering why no one has signed my guestbook on the main page of my website Every so often I'd check it and see that the last entry was from November 2005. I thought about taking it down since maybe it made the website look "dated" or something. Or perhaps that signing guestbooks are so 90's and just something that no one ever does anymore.

So after I updated the website the other day, I decided to do a "test" of my guestbook and sign it for the hell of it. Afterwards I see a notice "guestbook entry will be added once approved by the webmaster". Doh! LOL! I must have changed it to make it so I had to approve all entries because it was getting so much spam and I totally forgot that I did that!

So I logged in to the guestbook account and see hundreds of entries waiting for my approval. LOL! Most are still spam though for prescription drugs and it will take a long time to sift thru page after page of the bad entries. But so far I have I managed to find several legitimate entries among the spam.


Here's a pic of a male red bellied woodpecker that was at my suet feeder today. Why they are called red bellied, I don't know.

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