Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding April 29 Celebration

Today, April 29, marks an important date in Royal Wedding History. It will be remembered as the day when a regular commoner married into royalty - in 1989. Happy Anniversary to the happy couple - me and Mr. YSQ. Mr. YSQ bestowed me with flowers and a luncheon at a fabulous place. I was surprised that we were able to get in for our luncheon, EVEN WITHOUT RESERVATIONS! The restaurant name escapes me at the moment, but I think it's something like Crimson Friday. Just give me a moment and the name will come to me.

Today starts the beginning of the three weeks of gift receiving. Boom, boom, boom. Anniversary, birthday, Mother's Day.

I thought I had a wedding pic saved somewhere on my harddrive but I can't seem to find it. Instead I will do double duty and share a belated Easter photo from pretty much the exact same time period (I worked part-time at a one hour photo place that did Easter Bunny photos so I got the pic for free - of course). I had awesome 80's hair.

Tomorrow promises to be a busy morning so I need to go and plan the agenda for the day.

p.s. Oh I just remembered the restaurant name. How silly - it's not Crimson Friday. It's Ruby Tuesday. Only the best for the Queen! ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you used your 25% off coupon!
Susan C.

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