Monday, April 25, 2011

I am back

Well I am back in town. So I do have an excuse for not blogging. Went to visit family in upstate New York for spring/Easter break. Well since it's upstate New York, calling last week "spring" is just wishful thinking. Yes, I saw snow. It was dirty nasty snow, but it was still snow. And Jacob got more use out of his winter coat. So I should look on the bright side, yes? And I got to declutter my house a little and delivered the matzos, oven cleaner and the Libman mop my mom wanted me to look for. I gave the mop to my mom as an Easter present, because I'm generous that way.

But upstate New Yorkers are a hearty bunch. It can be 40 degrees and raining buckets, but thankfully their garage sales still go on!

I gotta go catch up on some tv watching and do some relaxing tonight. Since relaxing is not what vacations are for (they are for "doing").


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