Thursday, May 05, 2011

Yippee - computer is working!

The last few days my computer has been on break. I got some corrupted file or something that didn't make my computer boot up. Mr. YSQ fixed it tonight - yippee!! Just in time for me to read all my congratulations and birthday wishes tomorrow.

But geez CVS, I know I will be another year older shortly, but I'm not quite ready to be buying Grampers just yet. This is what I got recently when I scanned my CVS Extracare card:

My neighborhood had a "neighborhood-wide" yardsale last Saturday. Which meant if you wanted, you could pay a $10 donation to a food pantry and they would let you set up on an empty lot. Or you could just have a yardsale at your house. It would have been worth the effort, IF they had put ads in the newspapers and did better advertising. But they didn't, and they didn't even advertise on craigstlist either. There was one sign. Small black writing on grey??? Oh puhleese. As a shopper though, it was good since most of the sellers were on the one empty lot, and there weren't a lot of competition from other shoppers.

A couple of my thrift stores have been disappointing lately. Just a lot of crap. Or they have "ok" stuff that is way overpriced. Example:

Or just stuff that is just plain tacky:

Next week I have another dentist appointment to fill a small cavity, so I will stop in the thrift again since its near the dentist office. They better get some good junk in soon!


svelteSTUFF said...

CONGRATS - you are a local 'hero'...

Elizabeth Schultz said...

Yeah, the bear is a little creepy! I think I remember Spencers Gifts selling those at one time. I hope the inventory improves for you!