Friday, May 20, 2011

So many yardsales, so little time

I found out that I lied the other day when I said I had 2 church yardsales in my town to go to on Saturday. I have three. At least their start times are staggered (7am, 7:30 and 8am). Next Saturday (Memorial Day weekend) I will probably be hoping to find one decent yardsale.

I saw something so hideous the other day, I had to have it. I have no idea why. I spent more than I think I should have ($3.50). I thought they would just charge me the $2 nightgown price and not the $3.50 robe price. I wasn't going to complain since it is my favorite thrift and the last thing I want is to irritate the volunteer cashiers.

Here's something else I bought this week:

some kind of fancy super duper ironing press. I paid $8 for it. The thing is heavy, I will put it on Craiglist.

I did two magazine interviews today - hopefully both articles will come out sometime in July.


Connie said...

I have looked all over for one of these would be glad to pay you straight out for it and include shipping to me.


Connie C

Colleen said...

At least you could where the red/white/blue garment for Memorial Day and 4th of July.