Wednesday, March 02, 2011

In honor of my Dad

who died 6 years ago today, here is a polka for your listening and viewing pleasure (it's a cover of Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band; a good polka band will have the ability to take a song from any musical genre and turn it into a polka.) My Dad probably would have known half the people in the video. This video was filmed at his favorite polka place, and the site of my wedding reception (which of course the father/daughter dance was a polka).

p.s. hey, I just saw someone I know in this video - a cousin and her husband. They are self-proclaimed polka chasers. You know how some people who are into the weather go out and chase tornados? My cousin and her husband go out and chase polkas all over the country.


Susie said...

I so enjoyed the polka video. My Mom,rest her soul, put the Polka step into our hearts and feet. I'm off to enjoy your blog....thanks for the memories.
The Polka Dot Rose

dj trish said...

Hi Chris
I lost my dad not too long ago too.Like you I enjoy Yard sales.Feel free to read my blog and follow it if you so wish.Trish

Anonymous said...

My Mom has been gone for many years and this video really brought back some memories. She was the Polka Queen.......loved to dance more than anything else. At age 80 she could put on her high heels and polka with the best of them. Being from Germany she learned at a young age and taught all of her daughters to waltz and to polka.I remember waltzing or doing the polka around various venues to include our big kitchen...FUN!! Not much occasion for it now but I still remember how. Thanks for the good memories....why am I crying??? Anyone have a tissue? Don't worry they are good tears!!
Vintage Beachgirl