Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Got my gutters decluttered

Yesterday was a rare day, I spent an entire day at home. No Walgreens, no CVS, no trip to the Post Office, or grocery store, nada. But I did manage to spend money.

The castle's gutters needed decluttering. Badly. The castle is multi-leveled. That's a fancy way of saying part it's part one story and part two story. It's the two story part that needed the work of a professional. (Yes, I love going up on the roof of the one story part and cleaning the gutters!)

The last time I was quoted a price for gutter cleaning it was $100 (didn't get it done, I just asked a handyman who was doing work at a neighbors for a quote). The second floor gutters hadn't been cleaned in many years. I called a company that advertised $65 gutter cleaning. I figured it would be $65 and UP, but on the phone they said it was a flat $65 and they would clean up the mess and be there the same day. And they were. Sorry for rambling on about gutter cleaning but I am so happy to find a gutter cleaning place who doesn't get scared off when they see how tall our house is. There's no way I would walk around on the roof of the second floor part ...and then stand near the edge and actually clean the gutters??? No way. With their leaf blower they even cleaned the leaves off the back deck which was not even part of the mess they created with the gutter junk. Sorry I don't have pics to show, I didn't want the gutter guys to think I am weird.

The other day I was at one of my favorite grocery stores (the old Food Lion) and on the way home, I passed a storage facility place and saw cars parked up and down the road and people milling around. So it dawned on me - storage auction!!!! I hit the brakes. Unfortunately I was too late and missed the auction but I did pick up a schedule for future auctions.

Speaking of my fav grocery store, here it is on a typical busy afternoon.

Oh and I got some good news today. It may be good new for you too (if you are a Walgreens addict like me). The manager told me that the store is being re-done on the inside - no more tall aisles filled sky high, it's going to be "low profile". So they will be doing a lot of clearancing over the next several weeks. I don't know if the change will be in all stores nationwide or what. So your mileage may vary.


Anonymous said...

Oh great, less stuff to chose from. When they lowered everything at Walmart, it was empty.

Carlene said...

Our Walgreens stores here in Tampa already made the change to the lower shelves. It looks more open, but they also moved everything around to different aisles. It took some getting used to, as I pretty much knew where everything was before. I thought there would be a lot of clearance too, but not really. Maybe my local Walgreens is cheap. I have noticed lately that the Walgreens brand of nuts have been on clearance for pretty cheap (.75 - $1 a can). They are updating the packaging so all the old nuts had to go.

make-the-money.net said...

this is a good one. wanna ask something, I've read a post not very long time ago, said that, we should put a price tag to all our garage sale items. what's your opinion?