Monday, February 28, 2011

Yard Sale and Garage Sale Buys - Reselling them on eBay

Just a quick note - the yardsale queen message board is smokin' hot! Just in the past two weeks we had board members with some great ebay sales. For stuff that was bought at yardsales and garage sales! One auction was for a pair of coffee tables - they went for over $1000. A clock went for over $700, and a pair of used old sneakers went for over $900!! (ok the sneakers weren't found at a yardsale, but at 20 years old, they could have been!)

And I recently sold a cereal premium freebie - you know a free toy that comes in boxes of kid's cereal? I had lot of 6 of a particular freebie toy go for $41! And something I bought at an indoor yardsale this past Saturday for $3 is up to $50 already! It's pretty exciting! That's why I am using so many exclamation points!

To read the rules of the message board and to join, click here a small portion of the message board can be pre-viewed here. Members who are signed in can see the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to join the group, but it says that my email address has been banned.... why would that be? I've never joined before:(

Chris at said...

if you tried to sign up with a hotmail or gmail email account, they are automatically banned (the reason why is in the Rules). If you don't have a different email account, let me know and we can work around it. If you tried signing up with an AOL email, please try again.