Saturday, February 12, 2011

some random pics for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines's Day - to those who celebrate.

This is why I am glad I just have a basic, regular ole top loading washing machine. I'm sure this thing cost a crapton and a half when it was new. Here it is, needing some sort of belt, for $20 at the thrift store. I opened it up and it smelled mildewy.

Had lunch with DH at a Chinese buffet place last week. I have no idea what this is (I did not try it), but whatever it is, I think it could called pitted eyeballs and served at a Halloween party.

Jacob at ten years of age, is already tired of the paparazzi.

That's all folks, nothing much new to report. Oh but I did do something fun on Sunday, which I will have to blog about. If you can't be out buying junk, the next best thing is being out and looking at other people's junk.


Barbara said...

They are lychees, it's a fruit. Trying to think of a comparable flavor but can't. It won't hurt to try it though. The flavor is good, I'm not a huge fan of the texture though.

Anonymous said...

They are lychees. The taste is great. I like them ice cold, mixed with a fruit cocktail or with a little fesh mint.