Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bingo, Tag Toppers, Oatmeal, Yardsales & Etc.

Ok, time to finally catch up on what's been happening in the past few weeks. Nothing too exciting but haven't really had time to sit down and write up a bloggy post.

I ate oatmeal yesterday. For the first time in my life. Don't get me wrong, I can eat oatmeal cookies all day long, but cooked oatmeal for breakfast? Nope. You know what changed my mind? Getting a coupon for a free oatmeal at McDonald's (it was in last Sunday's coupon packs.) I can't turn down free food, even if it's oatmeal. It was ok I guess, since I don't really have anything to compare it to. But the price was right.

And in my previous post, I said I was recovering from playing bingo. That is a whole nother way to waste a day. But that also included free food and I won $50 so I can't complain. The only reason why I played is because of pretty much why I do anything in life - because I had a coupon for it. The coupon was good for $25 worth of bingo cards plus a free dabber. So why not? And it came with free soda, danish, lunch and more free soda. I left my house at 8:30am and got home around 3pm. And that $25 pack of bingo cards didn't even include all the games. There were bingo employees circulating around the tables saying things like "Quickie, $50 Cherry, Day at the Races, U-pick-Um" which were special bingo games that they sold cards for. I resisted since I had a hard enough time keeping up with the regular games, which of course, most times were not regular bingo games. Games like double bingo, triple bingo, crazy 7 bingo, crazy kite bingo etc. I came home stressed and exhausted. But full of free soda. And that's what's important - getting my fill of diet pepsi.

At lunchtime, there was a quick break for lunch - which they provided for free. Pulled pork sandwich and a glob of chocolate pudding.

Then the other weekend, the clubhouse in our 'hood had a mini version of Antiques Roadshow so I went to it. For $2 admission you could bring as much stuff as you wanted and a local antiques dealer would tell you what he thought about your junk. Here's what I brought:

I am currently selling the cake dish for a local elderly woman who is downsizing. I mainly wanted a second opinion on it (to confirm that what I thought it is - an emerald Fenton cake plate). I've had the KISS lunchbox for a good 15 years - I have it displayed with my other lunchboxes in my kitchen. The dealer estimated it to be worth around $100 - and I just recently sold it on ebay for $150. I would rather collect money than have it collect dust. The chopsticks with mother of pearl and the silver thing (it's an Occupied Japan smokers set - ashtray, place to store cigarettes, matchbook holder) are things my dad bought as souvenirs during his service in the Korean War. Never knew why he bought the smokers thing since he wasn't a smoker. The pocketwatch belonged to my husband's grandfather, the dealer estimated it at about $150. And the thing that says "Solomons Island Maryland" is called a tag topper. People would put them on their license plates as decorations. I plan on keeping it (I paid .50 for it at a flea market), but the dealer said if I was to sell it, not to sell it for less than $150.

At the antique roadshow event, it was very low key, just people talking about their junk and eavesdropping and hearing what the dealer thought stuff was worth. It was the next best thing to do besides going yardsaling, of course.

Here's a pic of something I thought was interesting that someone else brought in - Presidential and Camp David cigarettes:

Speaking of tag toppers, I went to an indoor yardsale last Saturday and bought one and have it listed on ebay. Lots of people have looked at it but no bids currently. There is a link to my ebay auctions over there to the left.

And finally, Jacob and I spent our last free night at the hotel for a while. Finally scored a free room on the top floor with a better view. Normally the free rooms are on lower level with limited view.

View from the room:

Ok, two minutes before I took this picture, I had just left the indoor heated pool and ran outside soaking wet to take this picture. So you better enjoy it:

Jacob, of course, playing computer in a new location. The other rooms we've been in, haven't had an ottoman so he had to try it out instead of the computer chair:

p.s. Coming soon, to a grocery store checkout near you, me in a magazine. Nope, not the National Enquirer. Stay tuned for details.

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