Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This is so bizarre

I came across this sign for an upcoming bazaar. I'd like to think someone misspelled it on purpose as a joke, but I doubt it.

Hey, I have some good news and bad news. The good news - the queen is getting a new crown!! Yea!!! The queen likes new and shiny crowns. The bad news, I have to wear it on an upper molar - right hand side to be exact.

In other good news, out of the blue, Amvets called today to say they would be in my 'hood soon to pick up any donations I may have. Years ago, I was on the calling list for the Purple Heart organization and they would call about every 6 months asking for household/clothing donations but then they stopped. This will be my first Amvets donation. They better bring a big truck. Saves me from hauling the stuff to the thrift store. And it also saves me from having to look at my old stuff when I shop at my thrift store, since when it gets picked up by an organization it goes far far away.

I'm going to be re-decorating soon and using my Lane cedar chest as a bench in our foyer. I will do some before & after pics. I think I will either be craiglsting my existing gossip bench or bringing it to a local live auction. I spent too many hours refinishing that thing to just give it away.

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