Saturday, October 09, 2010

Another Saturday, another yardsale

Beautiful Saturday here for a yardsale. I hauled my junk in my trunk up to the fairgrounds to rent a $10 yardsale space. I may do another before they close up for the year. I made close to $200 which means I sold a ton and a half of .25 and .50 items. I think I sold two $10 items, but other than that it was all very low priced stuff.

setting up, the sun finally rising

It was kinda surreal setting up for the yardsale. I got there before 6am and it was pitch black. Other sellers were walking around with the miner flashlight hats on etc. I had my tiny flashlight on my keychain.

Here's the back of my car - my junk was the stuff on the tables at the back of the car, the stuff on the tarp and the stuff on the ironing board. My ironing board didn't sell ($5) so I'm just going to keep it. I think once I clean out my computer corner, I can set it up, throw a tablecloth on it, and use it as my ebay packaging table (and I can store all my tape guns etc under it and have it hidden under the tablecloth). We have a built-in ironing board (it comes down from the wall) so no need for a regular one to iron on.

I was busy throughout the morning so I really didn't get a chance to shop at the other yardsales. On my way home, I stopped at the animal adoption center (since have a thrift store type room but my main purpose was to ask to see if they still wanted towel donations and to check their house. (They use a lot of towels for the animals). I need to declutter my towels. Here is the .25 thing I bought at the animal adoption center yardsale (metal sign):

Here's one of my customers - personally, I'm not a tattoo person but I loved the colorful look, especially with the paint-spashed clothing (he was a painter on the way to a painting job).

On the way home, I dropped off enough stuff to fill a grocery cart and a half of my yardsale duds. Here's proof with the worker handing me my donation receipt.

Maybe since I am trying hard not to buy stuff I can still browse and just take pictures of stuff I don't buy. I saw this adorable sweater the other day at my fav thrift. $2 and it was handmade. If someone had made that for my child (assuming I had a girl) there is no way I'd be able to donate it to a thrift - I would have had to keep it forever cuz it's just too cute.


Anonymous said...

lots of expressionless mr potato heads lol

Chris at said...

just 3 (doesn't' everyone have at least 3 in their house? - the parts were all in a ziplock.

ZDub said...

I had to read this a few times because I thought you donated a grocery cart. I would not be shocked if you had a grocery cart. At all.

Good job parting with some stuff and not buying anything. I'm sure it's just a phase. :)

Chris at said...

Zdub - I don't have my own personal shopping cart yet, but check back in 40 years - I'll be the little old lady roaming the streets with her shopping cart full of belongings.

no comment regarding the little squirrel behind the floral sweater? I didn't see it until after I posted it. Like a sneaky ninja squirrel.