Thursday, October 07, 2010

Indoor Archeology


Another day of doing some indoor archeology. I am digging up the past. I found the stencil I used when I stenciled our living room/dining room at least a dozen years ago. Ummm... stenciling is still the latest trend in the world of interior design, right? Don't answer. I don't have time to paint over it now.

I also found one of my favorite ashtrays. No, I don't smoke but of course I have ashtrays that I don't use or need. It's a little silver doggy from the 1939 New York World's Fair. I think I must have paid a quarter for him. He was all tarnished so I polished him up a while ago (since I have no intention of selling him) but now he is getting tarnished again (I will leave him alone). I will use him to hold doo-dads on my desk.

And I cleaned behind my desk today. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

But it's not as bad as it looks - haha. The speakers fell off the back of the computer when I was moving the desk, so the speakers aren't normally down there. Gotta put Conan on ebay - not kidding. I sold several of those identical postcards a while ago and I think this is my last one. He is getting ready to start his new show next month so I better get it listed soon.

Remember that little ugly thing I bought the other week for .50? I put it up on ebay and it currently has a $29.99 bid - and of course I had a typo in my listing. Par for the course. Here is the ebay listing if you want to see how it does.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you updated your listing to the correct number.......LOL!

If I were you, I would sell the ashtray as well. You don't smoke and I know World's Fair stuff sells well....esp. from that date! Susan C.