Monday, October 04, 2010

Yardsale Bait & Switch

This is always disappointing at a yardsale - you see a box for a great item (like a Kitchenaid mixer)

and you open up the box and this is what you see:

I took the above pics at one of the church yardsales I went to a few weeks ago. Yardsales last Saturday were just so-so. I don't *need* another kitchenaid, since my $8 avocado green Kitchenaid kicks butt but if I found another one cheap, I would buy to resell or give to a family member.

I am embarking on a serious decluttering operation. Aye yi yi. DH and I were *discussing* my computer area which has turned into a gigantic clutter magnet over the past 10 years. Maybe if I'm ever drunk while blogging, I'll show you the "before" picture. It's something. I told him it would all be gone by December 31. And I think I did say 2010. I have a feeling a lot of it is going to be re-donated back to the thrift store. Today I took some random Nintendo & Super Nintendo games I still had (that Jacob doesn't play with) to our local Play N Trade and got a $22 credit for the stuff.

Another project is cleaning/decluttering Jacob's room. I mean really, don't most 10 year old boys have stacks and stacks of baby chunky board books in their room? I haven't had time to go thru it (Walgreens keeps calling my name). Plus, if I get rid of them, that means he's growing up too fast. Today I took a bunch of paper stuff/cardboard to the landfill for paper recycling. It including a stack of play money - I wonder if anyone will be fooled in looking at it. I know I would.

Sunday it rained all day here. But Saturday was sunny and I took Jacob down to some boat race thing that was going on nearby. I really didn't get why Geico has expensive racing boats (I looked for the State Farm boat, but alas, it was no where to be found.) With all the Geico stuff, I was hoping to see Maxwell, but again, disappointment.

So instead we had to settle for the gecko:

p.s. Oh I forgot to mention - after my trip to the recycling center, I went to start my car to leave and it was dead. I got someone to give me a jump start but I had it with that 5 year old battery. We went and bought a new battery tonight.


Thrifted Treasure said...

I just clicked over to your other Kitchenaid link and am GREEN with envy that you got a green one for $8!!! That must be the BEST find ever!

Chaos Girl Takes Control said...

LOVE your kitchen Aid!!!!

I blogged about my super messy desk tonight!!! I put before and after pics. I feel embarrassed about the people I know seeing my clutter, but that's what's kicking my butt into gear. Having it up for the world to see is the push I needed.

I've been following you for some time on You Tube. Love reading your blog now that I have discovered Blogger.

ZDub said...

"*Maybe* If I'm ever drunk while blogging..."

Uh, is there another way?

Aslo, I sold my Kitchen Aid (gift from my ex husband) on Craigslist years ago for $125. I feel I did the right thing. I would have kept it if it was red, yellow or green (I'm going to steal yours), but it was granite grey.