Sunday, August 22, 2010

The True Sign of a Good Vacation

The true indicator of a good vacation I believe is if the baggage handlers have to put a "heavy" tag on my suitcase when coming home from a vacation. Mission accomplished. Not heavy enough that I have to pay an additional fee, but heavy enough for them to be concerned. Did I do any retail shopping? Why yes, yes I did. I will have to show you my .80 capri pants that I bought at a mall.

My driver's license is still MIA, but thankfully I managed to keep my passport with me at all times while on vacation. Now I have a new problem. Where are my car keys? I tend to get a little overly paranoid when going away for vacation, so I put my keys in a safe place, because as we all know, if someone is going to break into my house, the first thing the robbers will want to do is take my 5 year old mommy minivan out for a joyride, since it is way cool. I do have a spare set of keys (which I know where they are, but of course my main set of keys has my 10 zillion shopper's rewards cards attached to them). I have two more to add - a Von's card and an Albertson's shopping card.

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