Friday, August 06, 2010

Driver's License still MIA

My driver's license is still temporarily missing. I know it's gotta be around here somewhere. But the good news is that I found my college ID from just a couple of years ago so I still have another photo ID of myself. I haven't changed one bit, and I'm totally positive that I would fit into that wonderful green & white striped shirt but I don't think I have that gem anymore.

It is driving me a little nuts that I can't find my license. The only place I really remember having it last was sometime in June, when I showed it at BJ's Warehouse to get a free temporary membership. I called them and stopped in and they don't have it. It's not like I write checks in stores where I would have to show ID and I haven't been pulled over by the police (knock on wood) where I had to show my license.

Wait, now that I think about it, I may have used it July, when Jacob and I had our one night stay at the Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa - I may have had to show my license to show I am who I said I am in order to get that special $31 room rate. I will call them this afternoon but again, I don't think they would have it either. Since they hand you back your license and gambling card at the same time (and I still have my gambling card).


THE ZOO said...

i still have my season pass from a them park from 1994. i look sooo good in it i keep it. i wonder if it counts as a photo id.

Dude ! said...

Must be a common trait with folks like us, I've lost my DL twice this year! I always check any pants/shorts pockets and my truck. Hopefully you'll find it!

Anonymous said...

I just read where your Lladro dog figurine is a NAO by Lladro, but still sells for $75, so not a bad purchase for a dollar! NAO is an offshoot of Lladro. Susan C.