Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'll be smelling like a baby - a clean baby, I hope.

As I said, I did some shopping yesterday and today I did some more. A grocery store was having a triple and double coupon deal so I shopped yesterday and today. For instance a .50 coupon was tripled to $1.50 and a $1 coupon was doubled to $2.00. Today I saw a clearance cart (that was not there yesterday) and I stocked up on laundry detergent that was clearanced for $2 a bottle. I'll be smelling like a baby soon.

But first I'll be using up the laundry detergent I bought yesterday, which I paid over $2 for, even with a double $1 coupon. So I think I am stocked up for a while for laundry soap.

The total was $94.18 but after coupons paid $35.10. So what that all we live on is pretzels and poptarts. Don't judge. Hey, how'd that lettuce get in there?? Oh yeah, I made salads for dinner last night. Cut up some deepfried breaded chicken strips that we had leftover from the chicken carryout place in town. Added some cheese, those croutons, some Marzetti honey mustard salad dressing and tada - my idea of a healthy dinner.

Also went to Staples and had to spend a whole dime. Bought various types of paper. Photo paper, copier paper, and packing paper. The photo paper I will probably end up selling at my next yardsale. If I want to print out photos, I just go to Walgreens or CVS. Much easier than using my cheap printer and using up expensive color ink and getting poor photo printing quality. So that's why I use the photo printing kiosks at the drugstores.

After I submit my Staples rebates, I'll be getting $34.96 in rebates back. I just bought the photo paper since it helped me to go over $50 mark (and after rebates, it was only $1 out of pocket. (But since I paid with inkjet rewards, it's really not "out of pocket" for me since the only thing that came out of my pocket yesterday was one dime). I needed my total to be over $50 so I could use the take $5 off a $50 purchase coupon. Then after that was deducted, THEN I gave the cashier my $20 and the $30 inkjet recycling coupons. So that's how I got it down to just .10 I'll just sell the photo paper for a few bucks each at my next yardsale. I use the packing paper for filling for ebay packages.

The other day I mentioned getting a pair of capris for .80 - not sure where I put the receipt, but I will find it, eventually. Right before vacation, JC Penneys came out with another take $10 off a $10 purchase coupon. So while in California, we were at a mall that had a Penney's and I found the capri's on clearance for $10.80. So actually I think I may have paid .85 (including tax).

Guess what? I found my car keys! yippee!!! So happy, I found them about an hour ago, I stuck them in a small plastic cup near the telephone and put other crap on top (to disguise it from the robbers, of course). I didn't think to look in the cup cuz it looked too little to hold the keys and all my shopper reward cards. The battery has died in my spare set, so having to physically stick a key in the lock all the time was torturous. Well that may be a little bit of an exaggeration, but it was a major PITA. Especially since I am just used to clicking the unlock button. So I can sleep like a clean baby tonight knowing my Food Lion, Giant, CVS, Staples, Ace Hardware, Toys R Us, McKays (small grocery store chain here in MD), Best Buy, Petco Pals, Dick's Sporting Goods, Borders, K-mart, Price Chopper and Office Depot rewards cards are all safe and sound. (Plus my library card too - our library has a keychain library card).

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