Thursday, August 05, 2010

Just some random pics

I sold a beautiful Le Creuset oval roasting pan on Monday to a Craigslist shopper from Washington DC. I've come up with a way of "screening" telephone calls when I post on Craiglist, I use a fake name. So when someone calls and asks for "Bertha" I know they are someone calling about something I put up on Craigslist and it's not just some random telemarketer. I paid $25 for it from someone locally who had it on Craigslist and they lived a mile away. I waited a few months, tried selling it on ebay a few times for $100 with no takers. Sorta glad since packing that sucker up would have been a PITA. Sold it to the DC guy for $80. Worked out perfectly since he met me near my son's dentist office (which is about 30 miles closer to DC than my house) and my son had an appointment anyway.

Last week, I took Jacob to a "back to school" carnival thing and we walked around the little town afterward. I'm not saying St. Leonard Maryland is behind the times, but here they are selling Thursday's Washington Post, and it was Friday. I've never seen a potato used as a paperweight before.

And Jacob and I walked over to the weekly live auction. I used to go there all the time, and it used to be fun. They had a big mishmash of chairs to sit on - you could be sitting on an old lazy-boy, a dining room chair, folding chair or whatever. Plus, the auctioneers were entertaining with lots of personality. The past several years it has been changed, different auctioneer and you have to stand while the auctioneer travels from table to table. Ugh. Who wants to stand? When you could be sitting there having an ice cream in one hand and your auctioneer paddle in the other.

Jacob's spring school pictures that I ordered came in the mail the other week. The first picture I pulled out of the envelope was this one. Groan. I've had a history of getting the wrong pictures mailed to me. Nantucket? We don't live anywhere near Nantucket! Looking at the kids, I was jealous of all those kids who get to grow up on the quaint, secluded island of Nantucket.

I pulled out the other pictures and thankfully they were all the the ones I ordered of Jacob. I figured it would be nice to mail the teacher the extra 8x10 I had when school starts back up (I blurred the teacher's name out). So I started investigating the school district of Nantucket, MA. And came up empty searching for the teacher. So I expanded my search and found out there is a Nantucket Elementary about 50 miles away from me. There is even a Nantucket, Maryland - but it's no where near the Maryland Nantucket Elementary. Maryland is totally screwed up when it comes to towns and their names. For instance, did you know I live near California and Hollywood? California, Maryland and Hollywood, Maryland, that is.

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$25?! I bow down to the MASTER.