Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I found it! I found a SLAPCHOP!!

Had a great day today at my favorite thrift. I found the item I've been wanting to find at a yardsale (or thrift store) for a while now. A Slapchop! It was on my *list* of things to find this year. Jacob loves the commercial and he's always looking at them at the stores. And I refuse to pay $19.99 plus tax for one. Back in April, I said my goal was to find one for $1 or less. But I don't mind at all paying $1.50 for it.

Well I got one today, still new in the box, for $1.50! And my thrift was having a sale on all clothes - everything was half priced. I bought a pair of shoes for my father-in-law for $2.50 (would have been $5) and a pair of pants (.75) and a shirt (.50) for Jacob.

I will talk about the shoes on another post. Umm...they have a 3" heel.

And I bought myself for $2.50 a gauzy long sleeved hoodie with tags, from QVC.

I took pics, but had to use my cellphone camera. For some reason my computer isn't playing nice with my digital camera.

You can see a much better picture of the hoodie on the QVC Website

Since Jacob's birthday was last month and Christmas is still a ways away, I will wrap up the Slapchop as one of my birthday gifts from my DH. That way it will be like the Slapchop was my gift even though Jacob will be the one playing with it (under supervision). We don't want him getting spoiled by getting a Slapchop for doing nothing.


ZDub said...

Man, I think I would just hide it for Jacob and let him find it. Be sure to tape his reaction because it's gonna be priceless.

He better chop up everything!

And every time I see one in Walgreen's I think of you.

eggfooyoung said...

hahaha, that's very interesting how jacob will get to play with it. no spoiling!

Anonymous said...

thats awesome with the slapchop. We had a simular problem here our daughter wanted a touch and brush and i told her there was no way i was gonna pay thay. Found one last saturday brand new in the box for 2.00

Thrifted Treasure said...

Well done! They've just started showing the SlapChop here in Sydney and I want one!! It's more expensive here but you do get extra thingys and stuff (you know the jargon)!