Sunday, April 18, 2010

Had a yardsale yesterday

I had a yardsale yesterday, made $135. I had a free rental space at the Parks & Recs indoor yardsale. I heard several sellers didn't show up but still, the place was incredibly empty. So making $135 was good, considering. They used to have a yardsale in March (a good one to sell at), then one in May (a bad one to sell at) then sometimes one in September (bad to sell at) and sometimes one in December (also good to sell at).

Well they moved the March one to April and it's just not as good as before. Back when it was in March, it was like the only game in town (too cold for regular outdoor yardsales), but now they've pushed it to April, there's too many others having yardsales at the same time. Back in March, they used to have so many sellers, the place would be jammed packed. I think from now on, if I'm going to sell stuff, I will either sell at the fairgrounds (which turns into a big flea market on Saturdays at $10 space), have one at my house, and sell at the Parks & Recs December indoor yardsale.

One of the benefits of selling alongside other sellers, is that you can shop from them. But I only found a few things I wanted. Other sellers mainly had baby stuff or overpriced stuff. ($8 for a small broken & re-glued Nipper figurine? I don't think so).

$1 bag of Bath & Body Works stuff.
.50 mylar balloon. Will take to the florist at the grocery store where they charge me .50 for helium.

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