Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Break - continued

Here's more pics from my Easter spring break trip to upstate NY. Pics are in random order.

Easter isn't Easter without buying some Paska bread from a Polish bakery. I love how they have the kielbasy next to the cakes.

You know, I really wanted to keep our minivan, since besides having great storage room, it has a DVD player for Jacob to watch. But he's outgrown the DVD player, when he wants to watch something, he can watch it on his PSP player. Which he doesn't really do in the car anyway - since there is more interesting things to do on a road trip. Like count the # of bridges between my house and my mom's.

Old bathhouse in Saratoga Springs. Didn't have a bath, but I think the building is cool.

There's lots of funky historic buildings there, here is just one I came across and thought was neat. You can't throw a rock in Saratoga without hitting some old historic house.

Saving money doesn't take a vacation. I used some of my mom's $3 double coupons to buy a few things (she didn't mind). You had to have the $3 newspaper coupon to match up with your coupon.

A new park was built within eyesight of the YSQ's childhood home. Just a lovely stroll through the former hay field, with a view of the highway department buildings.

Ahhhh - childhood memories. I bought this Beer ashtray since my mom had an identical one and I remember it fondly growing up. Salvation Army price sticker said .29 - but I paid .15 since it was a half-priced day.

I was only able to go to a few garage sales over Easter weekend. Last month when I showed a handwritten page from the YSQ Diary and mentioned a store called Korell's - well this was it. I passed it when leaving a garage sale. The building looks the same, but now its something else.

At one of the garage sales I went to. I don't want to place blame on anyone, but it was a garage sale run by all men. And just had men's tools, and man things. Like this leather coat. Gee, I wonder how much they wanted for it. I did buy a $2 ice chopper (like this and I also took a half used bottle of windshield glass cleaner that was in the a freebie box)

My mind reading skills weren't working too good over vacation, so I never did find the multi-family sale.

Well that's it for now. I still have more to report. Like for instance - if you thought I was done talking about the David Cassidy Moving Sale - you are so wrong!


twins said...

Boy I feel so lucky I was so close to you and didn't even know it. I took my boys to that park a few times the week before Easter. It is down the street from their Nursery School. I could be rubbing elbows with the famous YSQ!!!! Too Funny!!!

Chris at said...

we went to the park on Wednesday. I think it definitely needs work! They have walking paths that are deadends! There is a big curb in the parking lot that I saw and still tripped over it. Someone is gonna get hurt. The "walk" is so boring - no trees no shade etc, it's gonna get hot in the summer.

You probably passed my car sitting in my mom's driveway (on route 146) when you went to the park. Or maybe you could have even seen me doing yard work at my mom's house and wouldn't have even known. Not sure when my next NY trip is, maybe we can meet up. I did meet another bloggy reader during this last trip who lives in Malta.

twins said...

Yeah and I was not to impressed with the playground area. Was good for a little while, but still REALLY like the old playground behind town hall and the Senior Center. My boys can spend HOURS over there.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of David Cassidy, he is 60 today! Happy Birthday, David! Hard to believe. Where does the time go?