Friday, February 19, 2010

$7.20 for a broken dryer

Remember last September when I was so proud that I semi-decluttered our garage and got rid of 8 old car batteries, a broken lawnmower, a really heavy riding lawn mower engine and other miscellaneous junk? Here is the posting to refresh your memory

Well today I realized decluttering all that stuff was stupid stupid stupid. When will I learn that decluttering is evil? haha. Back then, I used a local business that will come to your house to pick up scrap metal, old batteries etc and cart it away for free. Well today, I found a local place that PAYS you for that stuff. Makes me sick to think I could have gotten $8 for EACH of those old batteries! And they pay $6 per 100 lbs of scrap metal. I don't want to think about how heavy that engine was.

DH was off today and I suggested we find the scrap metal recycling place and take our broken dryer. Its actually pretty close and I got $7.20 cold hard cash for it. There's our dryer pictured above at the bottom of scrap metal mountain.

My infamous David Cassidy coat only sold for $38.66. After I give my sister half for a finder's fee, that will barely put a drop into my Botox fund. So now I'm thinking instead that someone here should buy my Waterford Crystal Christmas ornament that I have currently listed for only $149.00
You better hurry up and bid before someone else gets it.

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ZDub said...

Not bad for a broken dryer. We have been cleaning my mother's basement for a week. Two dumpsters, three 14 foot truck loads that went to the donation and now my basement is full of stuff.

You would have had a heyday.