Monday, February 15, 2010

Got my fingers crossed

that school will be open tomorrow. It seems like forever that they've been off. Jacob's last day of school was Feb. 4th. Feb. 5th was a Teacher Work Day, so no school. The week of Feb 8th closed due to snow. And today was a holiday.

I need some me time. I do not understand how homeschoolers do it. And I don't want to learn. haha.

I have three $8 Walgreens Register Rewards that expire this week so I definitely plan on doing some Walgreens shopping.


Suzy said...

I made DH go out in the blizzard with $13 of RRs that expired today and strict, written instructions on what to buy, and that no impulse purchases would be tolerated. Surprisingly, he passed the test. So I hear ya! Can't let good RRs go to waste, and I haven't yet found a Wags that will take expired.

Nicole said...

I said the same thing last night...was looking forward to exercising and thrifting and then my son started throwing up! I guess we are in for at least 2 more days of sitting in this house! UGH!