Saturday, February 06, 2010

Yardsale Special for Today: Free Snow

Come and get it while it lasts - bring a truck, bring your shovels and feel free to take away as much as you want, free of charge. Because I'm generous that way.

I really wanted the weatherpeople to be wrong about this storm because we were scheduled today to be lounging by the Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa's indoor heated pool right now, or perhaps drinking a free diet pepsi while sitting on the dock of the bay. (My 4th and final free hotel night was supposed to be for tonight - but it ain't gonna happen. They were very understanding about it when I called to cancel and I did get it rescheduled. But of course next weekend being Valentine's Day, we can't do it next weekend (limited amount of comped rooms) and my DH is working every weekend this month.

Took this pic yesterday, before the real snow starting falling. Yes, the white thing was originally a shower caddy in it's previous life (bought at a yardsale for a quarter), I bought it with the intent of using it as a bird feeder.

And today we got these crappy starlings out in full force. I'm not a fan of the starlings.

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Elizabeth said...

Wow - that was a ton of snow you got there. We have pesky starlings in the UK too - they always appear in their dozens whenever I put bird food out and promptly demolish the lot, leaving nothing for any other bird in the garden.