Thursday, February 04, 2010

I would like to say I've been away for the past week - like on a cruise or on a thrift shop adventure throughout Europe - but I can't. Just not a whole lot happening here at the castle during the past week.

It snowed all day last Saturday, so that meant - of course - that schools were closed on Monday. Schools opened 2 hours late on Tuesday. It snowed about 2" Tuesday night (the roads were wet in the morning) so that meant schools were closed again on Wednesday. Today was the first full day of school this week. And tomorrow is a Teacher's Planning Day - so no school tomorrow.

Then the weather people are all working people up into a frenzy about some weather event supposedly coming tomorrow and Saturday. I think it would be so funny if we just got rain. Majority of people in Maryland are big wussies when it comes to snow.


I bought myself a *new* coat today (pictured on right) - I spent a whole $8 for it. It's quite a change from my old coat (pictured on left), don't you think??? The color looks off in the picture - the flash made it look all wonky. Plain deep colored red. Coat on left is a London Fog with recently broken/unfixable zipper. New coat on right is a Liz Claiborne with removable wool lining with a zipper that zips.

I had a good grocery shopping trip last week using coupons (no chicken paws purchased, by the way):

Most of those $1 coupons were for Chobani Greek yogurt. They were on sale for $1 and I had a bunch of $1 coupons (bought on ebay). It is the best yogurt ever. Except for the honey flavored one - too blah - no taste at all.


Anonymous said...

Put up some snow pics please, as you should have plenty for this.

ZDub said...

I need you to tutor me in how to grocery shop. That's awesome.