Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yard Sale Buys

I didn't go yardsaling yesterday so this is all from last week. I paid $2 for the coin bracelet. I like real coins as jewelry. My favorite necklace is a square nickle coin pendant that I bought in Aruba in the 80's. I will add a pic of it later. I don't think I paid much for it (since the coin is only worth a nickle and someone just soldered a loop onto it). But it is unusual and people always ask what it is. I put it on a silver chain I already owned. It was sold by a street vendor and I couldn't understand them and I was in a hurry so I just held out a handful of American change and let them pick out what they wanted.

In the second pic: new makeup travel case .50, $2 JC Penney Chris Madden candle, .25 old Nintendo Super Pitfall game (Jacob liked playing regular Pitfall on Super Nintendo so maybe he may like this game), .75 ceramic Grandchild Change jar. Will use my labelmaker and put a "for Jacob" label on it and give it to my mother for Christmas, because I'm generous that way.

$1 bunch of enamel pins. The one on the right caught my eye and the seller told me to pick out a bunch and she would make a deal on a lot.

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ThriftyAnnabella said...

Ah - looks like I'm not the only one who scored classic NES games lately. Super Pitfall is a fun game. I'm always on the lookout for NES games at garage sales hoping to one day get my hands on Paperboy - that was my favorite game growing up. I had an obsession with throwing newspapers through peoples windows LOL