Thursday, November 26, 2009

Standing on the Dock of the Bay

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. As I mentioned last week, I have 4 free nights at a nearby hotel and last night we used night #1. Was foggy last night and foggy this morning. Went swimming yesterday (and this morning) in the indoor pool, my Finnish DH was in his glory at the sauna (Finns have a thing about being in a sauna). He pronounces it sow-na, not saw-na like it's supposed to. And I make fun of it every time he says it. It was our first time staying at this hotel. Even though our room was free (yes, absolutely free), we were upgraded and had a room with a balcony with a water view (I noticed that not all rooms have balconies). It wasn't waterFRONT, but we could still see and hear the water. Plus, in looking how the hotel is laid out, there are only 12 waterfront rooms, (the bottom floor is doesn't have rooms). The shampoos/soaps were all from Bath & Body Works and there was a complimentary (I asked just to make sure) large bottle of Saratoga Water which is cool since Saratoga Springs NY is my old stomping grounds. Free continental breakfast in the morning.

Only downside is when I locked myself in the men's bathroom, meanwhile Jacob was alone in the pool. I sorta freaked out. Will tell that story later plus add some more pics.

Gotta go check on my bird in the oven.

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Michele said...

Locked yourself in the men's room? Now that sounds like a story! Do tell.