Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Faux Casino - here I come!

I can't get my browser back to normal. Somehow I accidentally deleted the place where you type in URLS and also the back & forward buttons are gone too. I will have to get my long suffering unpaid personal computer technician to look at it.

In other computer news, I bought the $40 Lexmark printer/scanner/fax/copier that was on sale at Target this week. My old printer - did the same stuff but my DH bought like 5 or 6 years ago and I think he paid like $200 for it. Now you can find printers that are so cheap and do the same stuff. So I will (of course) empty all the cartridges out the old and then e-recycle it.

Man, did I get some good junk mail yesterday! Back in the spring/summer you may have remembered me blogging and winning real money at the faux casino that is semi-nearby (about 30 miles from my home). Well in yesterday's mail, I got a holiday newsletter from them detailing their giveaways and events going on over the next few months. Well long story short - the casino is part of a complex with a couple of restaurants and a hotel. And as a valued customer, I can get 4 free nights (one night a month - Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb).

So today I called and made my reservations. It will be nice to have a change of scenery and do some indoor swimming in the middle of winter. Or walk on the beach etc etc. I even asked the clerk "what's the catch? How much will taxes be?" and she said $0. The only stipulation is that upon check-in I show the flier I got with my address printed on it, my frequent gambler card, and a photo ID. At the faux casino, they don't know how much you won or lost - since you don't insert your gambling card in to the machine - instead you just scan it once an hour at a machine near the cashier.

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To get your browser and buttons back, click on "View" and then "toolbars." Select "Navigation toolbar" and that should fix it.