Sunday, November 01, 2009

Boo! (hoo) - no yardsales for me

Didn't go to any yardsales yesterday. I got up early anyway and got caught up on my Oprah watching. I still have to watch Friday's Regis & Kelly. Their Halloween shows are a favorite of mine (although I am a Halloween scrooge in real life). We then went to the Family Day at the Nuke Plant. After I had Jacob in 2000, I remember going back to my old job and showing him off, having lunch with friends in the cafeteria etc. But since 9/11 they definitely made it more difficult to drop in for a visit.

So yesterday was my first time back in the buildings in 9 years. Some things are different but some things exactly the same. Above is one of the hallways in the office area near where I worked. No pics were allowed in the secured area - so no pics of me hugging the containment (the big concrete buildings where all the magic happens). But a family photo was taken at the event, so I may add it later, depending if it's up to the Queen's standards or not. There was also pumpkin decorating and snacks and treats for the kids.

I passed this house the other day - and saw what looked like the entire contents tossed out on the driveway. If the people knew they were getting evicted, why didn't they try to make some money by having a yard sale rather than having it all thrown out like that? The pic was taken while driving so its not great (and doesn't show the entire contents). I didn't stop. Had there been other people snooping around it, I probably would have. But it didn't look like anyone was around.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I find it disgusting that you would even consider "snooping around" someone else's property like that. If these people were in fact evicted, why would you want to make their lives more difficult by stealing their belongings?! How would you feel if you came home and found people stealing everything you own after both losing your home and being humiliated by having your family's life thrown out in the front yard like a huge pile of garbage? Being frugal is one thing - being a thief is something entirely different. Take some of that money you've saved and buy a conscious.

Chris at said...

I am conscious of my conscience.