Monday, November 30, 2009

More on Chesapeake Bay Spa & Hotel

Ok, here is the infamous pool/restroom area where I got locked into the men's room by myself. Up those stairs is the mens and ladies room. Jacob and I were the only ones in the pool area (no lifeguards - swim at your own risk etc). I left Jacob by himself in the pool (yes I know my bad) and told him to stay on the pool stairs cuz I had to run to the ladies room. The ladies room was nice, with a changing area, lockers, showers, and a sauna. The door to the restroom didn't click behind me but I didn't think anything of it, nor did I read the sign that said "You must take your room key with you to return to the pool area".

So I went back out and Jacob was there still on the stairs like I told him to stay. I decided to take a peek into the men's room just to make sure there was a sauna in there too, so I could tell my DH. Well I open the door and yell inside first to make sure no one was in there and go inside - the door clicks behind me - and I see the sauna and go back to leave. The door is locked - then I saw the card key reader. I yank on the handle of course and it doesn't open. I start to freak out - I'm locked in the men's room and my son is alone in a swimming pool. I start banging on the door and yelling for Jacob to open the door and he hears me and opens the door. What a relief.

But afterward I see why there was a card reader - there was a second exit to both bathrooms (and no key required) but it took you to the main part of the hotel. So I could have gotten out if I had walked thru the entire restroom area. So they have the card reader on the pool door to prevent random non-hotel guests (there is a hair salon, meeting rooms etc in the hotel that is open to the public), from using the pool.

There is a small museum next to the hotel (has odd hours during off-season so it wasn't open). I've been inside before - it's the original train station back when Chesapeake Beach was a popular resort area for Washingtonians and Baltimorons. There are lots of framed old postcards of the area - one I thought was particularly funny - it read something like "Hi Mabel - having a great time in Chesapeake Beach. I hope to see you again before I die". You can tell it was meant to be a joke between friends (at least I think).

I like walking on the pier and seeing the variety of boats, and reading their names.

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