Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Splurged a little yesterday and got a manicure & pedicure

Even though I love finding a bargain for cheap, my life is not all about squeezing a penny til it bleeds. Yesterday I went and got a mani-pedi. But of course I did it cheaply and went to a place that has a Monday special for $30 (plus tip of course). It was my first time trying this particular place and I will be back, despite being basically told I am fat.

The guy did my nails and toes and I was sitting there drying them before I left, and a female worker came up to me and showed me a box of some sort of Japanese diet pills for $66. And tells me how they really work and she sells many boxes of the stuff. HUH??? Do I look like I need diet pills??? (well yes, I probably do, but geez, I don't need some stranger telling me that!).

It was almost as bad as the time - about 5 or so years ago when I was at a yardsale and the yardsale seller says "Are you going thru menopause?". Huh???? Don't I look WAAAAYYYY too young to be going thru menopause? Then she continued on "Because if you are, these chocolate soy bars really helped me". No lady, I am not going thru menopause and I won't be buying any of your leftover soy chocolate bars. Ask me again in 20 years.

Today I am going to go get a replacement driver's license. Since sometime in September I haven't been able to find it. I think I took it out for something and never put it back. I am sure it will eventually turn up, but for the $20 fee, I'll just go get a replacement and have some peace of mind (and stop along a couple of thrifts along the way).

Speaking of being fat - one thing I am grateful for is that the DMV office does not have a scale to weigh people to make sure they are telling a little fib. I don't think my weight on my driver's license has gone up in a good 20 years. That's my weight loss goal - to weigh 10 pounds more than what my driver's license says that I do ;) Cuz I know getting down to what it says would be too hard of a goal.

I was looking at one of my old diaries from high school the other day, and I read something like "Uggh, I weigh 103 pounds. I want to lose 5 pounds before such and such". And to think back then I thought I was fat!

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Goobian said...

Getting that manicure and pedicure isn't that big of a deal you need to pamper yourself! You being a yardsailer and a bargain hunter helps you afford that stuff. I mean if your income is barely anything (for example) and you can work around so you can get name brand foods and good quality groceries then hey that's better then buying everything retail and having to live off of generic brand foods and not much of it.