Thursday, November 01, 2007

Confession: sometimes I don't think used.

Yesterday we had two sets of doors replaced - here is one of the doors with "Before" and "After" pics. Didn't want to buy used doors for the home improvement project. I may have mentioned on the blog a few months ago that I broke one of the doors back in August. (It took a while to figure out who we wanted to replace the doors and then it took a while to figure out what we wanted and then place the order and then schedule the installation).

There are many choices when replacing doors - the doors we replaced were the original cheapest sliding doors possible that the builder put in. Hopefully the new doors with be more energy efficient. I am just glad to have a door that actually works as a door now! For the past 2 months, one set of doors was not useable. We also replaced the sliders off the kitchen.

Did trick or treating with the boy last night. Took him to a strip mall where the businesses just position someone out on the sidewalk to give out treats. Then had a late dinner at Chick-fil-a. It used to be he was happy with a 4-pack nuggets kids meal. Then he graduated to the 6-pack kids nugget meal. Last night he enjoyed a 6-pack nugget meal and then requested more nuggets, so I got him an 8-pack. I don't mind though - I tend to think of Chick-fil-a chicken has healthy food. Much better than some of the other junk he likes.


pianomomsicle said...

Hi! i'm a pretty recent but very satisfied subscriber of yours.
Our slider screen door doesn't slide. So it would probably be called "useless screen door." i'm trying to figure out if this time is a good time of year to get it replaced...who knows about all that stuff? i'm a new homeowner and have no clue.
Chick-fil-a...we don't have any of those in MN, along with Sonic Burger and Cici's pizza. Wonder if i'm missing out?

Chris said...

Chick-fil-a is just plain awesome.

As far as your screen door not sliding, check to see if you can make an adjustment to the rollers - look for a hole near the bottom. Then get a long screwdriver, put it in the hole and twist and see if you can raise up the rollers to make it slide.

M.E. said...

Neat doors! The 2nd pic is the new set, right?
Ooh, did you get those enclosed blinds that are in between the glass? (not sure what the official name is)
Looks really nice!

Kimberly said...

Can't blame the kid... those chicken nuggets are tasty! :)

Chris said...

M.E. - yes the second set is the new set - doesn't it look a million times better? Yep, has the enclosed blinds

Anonymous said...

chick fil a pours butter on everything after they add sugar. that;s why it tastes so good. good corporate practices, though. and they treat their employees really well.