Saturday, November 24, 2007

I survived the Black Friday Sales

I enjoy going out and shopping on Black Friday. My husband is usually home from work that day so he stays home with Jacob. (There is no way I would take Jacob out shopping on Black Friday with me). Since I live an hour away from a regular shopping mall, I stick to the local big box type stores: Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Old Navy, Staples, BJ's Warehouse etc. Also went to JC Penneys, Bath & Body Works and two CVS stores. Yes, I went to all of those yesterday along with two thrift stores - they had .35 clothing.

I didn't make any big purchases, just some little stuff. I bought a bigger memory card for my camera at Staples (for about $10 after they deducted my $9 worth of inkjet recycling coupons) - I think with it I'll be able to make some short videos of my yardsale buys and post them on YouTube. I already have some short videos on Youtube but with the bigger memory card I can make longer ones. We do have a regular Sony videocamera but I'm not sure how to make videos on that and since I'm lazy, I don't want to learn :)

Here's a link to my YouTube videos: Yardsalequeen Videos (so far they aren't yardsale related)

Bath & Body Works had some sales, plus I had a $10 off a $30 purchase coupon. I bought all of the above for $22.84

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