Tuesday, November 20, 2007

gotta free rose today

I got my hair cut today at a fancy place in town - they charge $40 for a haircut (but there was a $10 off coupon), so it was $30 plus tip. Whenever I am in NY visiting family, there is a hairstylist that I go to (and pay $35 plus tip) for a haircut. But here in Maryland, I can never find a good hairstylist. Or if I do, it turns out to be their last week of work before moving out of state. I did like the cut I got today, so I will definitely go back (and hopefully with another coupon).

After my haircut I got my camera out and snapped some pics from an arms length away - so I updated my photo to the left.

Then after my haircut I went to the nearby florist and got a free rose (pic above). This florist always sends out a coupon for a free rose, so I usually pick one up.

In looking at some older photos - here is a pic of my free rose that I got in September:

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