Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I'll be cooking my own big bird today. I have a 12 pounder that I've had in the freezer for a good 6 months. Bought it on sale but never felt like cooking a turkey in the summer. Paid $4.65.

I normally just buy a turkey breast since its really on the two of us, since Jacob doesn't eat turkey. But at that cheap price, I couldn't pass up getting a whole turkey.

I plan on doing some shopping tomorrow - so I have been looking at the sale ads, but this year I don't see anything I really have to buy and stand in line to get. Last year I was at Staples at 6am for a GPS for my husband. But this year, I will go out early, but not super early.

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Monica said...

I am the thrift shopper and my sister shope in the stores like you do, somehow she has coupons nad things come out free all the time, I stick with her and she gets me $5 shampoos for 50cents and such