Monday, May 21, 2007

Nasal Douche .50 (I think it can double as a crack pipe)

I had to yardsale with Jacob on Saturday since my husband played golf. We hit a school yardsale (mostly newer items) and then a church yardsale. Best thing about the church yardsale was that all books were .10 each. I bought a box full of hardcover Nora Robert books (for ebay) and also three Taste of Home annual cookbooks.

At a regular yardsale I bought the above vintage nasal douche for .50 (although it has .25 penciled on the box.) It will fit in nicely in my bathroom where I have my vintage shaving brush collection displayed and have a White Beaver's Cough Cream glass canister on a shelf.


Anonymous said...

Chris, Yes, this really is for rinsing one's sinuses. The modern version can be seen at My dad used to mix salt water in a tea cup and snuff it into his sinuses for relief. The Sinus Rinse system is a lot nicer and cleaner and the best for those of us who have sinus problems or nasal allergies. Interesting find at your yard sale!

Stivel Velasquez said...
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