Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More Staples bargains

I went to Staples the other day and went a little overboard on stickies. I couldn't help myself, they were on clearance for only .50 a package. I used one $3 coupon so my total came to $0. If you've read my blog before about Staples, then you know I buy used inkjet cartridges on ebay for about $.75 each and then I recycle them at Staples in exchange for a $3 coupon. So actually all these stickies "cost" me around $.75 since I had to buy the empty inkjet cartridge to begin with. And of course I used my Staples Rewards card so I should earn a few cents back in a cash back bonus.


Anonymous said...

If you get enough of these, you will be able to wallpaper your entire house! I too would not be able to pass up this deal!

Libby (Pennypincher)

dulceflores said...

I go to my local Goodwill outlet(if you have never heard of this ,it is a great place ,it is where the other goodwills in this area sends all the stuff that doesnt sell after 5 weeks ) all the stuff is in big huge boxes and you have to scavenge so when i come acrodd printers i pullout the ink cartridges ( 9 out 0f 10 times they are missing plugs etc ) I usually pay about 25cent a pice for them sometimes even less