Sunday, May 27, 2007

Did a highway yardsale yesterday (made $150)

On my website I say in general to stay away from holding a yardsale on 3 day holiday weekends. I did it anyway. My friend asked me to do a "highway yardsale" with her yesterday and I agreed. For some weird reason (that I don't know the answer to), the highway near us has these weird short dead-end roads that don't go anywhere. So during the summer, many people just set up their yardsale right along the highway without any problems from the police or zoning. I made $150 with just miscellaneous junk and ebay duds. I did stop at a few yardsales before I met my friend and just bought some books for Jacob and a few VHS for .50 each.

I did a web radio interview today with Most radio shows I've done in the past are live (or pre-taped) and run just once. This one will be preserved forever in a mpeg file online on their site. Oh gawd. I know I sounded like a total doofus (as if that's something new). While it was being done, I booted DH and Jacob out for the morning so I could have peace and quiet. I sent them to Best Buy to buy the $349 laptop that was on sale today. So now when I travel, I won't have to go cold turkey without internet. Yea!!!!

Several months ago I was interviewed for a book on garage sales and it was published this past week. The title is Garage Sale America by Bruce Littlefield. He is sending me a free copy (you know I love free) and I'm on page 46! OMG - I will have to buy a copy to give to my mom for Christmas. But I probably won't be able to keep my mouth shut until then and will have to give it to her before then.

I made some slight changes to my website the other day and figured out how to add YouTube videos. I added a few funny yardsale related YouTube videos to the Humor page

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Anonymous said...

You did a TERRIFIC job on the interview. Many good tips for our listeners.

EZHelp Team