Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How much would your Average Joe pay for all this?

Today I bought these ten compact fluorescent light bulbs at Giant (grocery store) - where the normal price is $4.99 each, then you add in the 3 blue cloth re-useable grocery bags that sell for .99 that would be $52.87. But you wouldn't expect ME to pay that of course! I paid nothing. Let me explain. A few weeks ago the store had the lightbulbs on sale for $1 each, but they were sold out. They also had a promotion that if you bought 10 lightbulbs, then you would get 3 reusable grocery bags for free. Since they were out, I got a raincheck for the lightbulb promotion with the free bags. I knew in the Sunday coupon insert there was a $1 off a GE compact fluorecent lightbulb. So I went to ebay and bought 10 of the $1 coupons for $2.25 (including shipping). So I guess I did pay something...$2.25

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Anonymous said...

I admire you so much! Great job!!!