Friday, September 09, 2005

Went to Smile and bought a few things: $1 decorative windsock for outside (you will never find a %*!?%$ windchime at my home, but I think the windsock is cool and of course it's quiet and not obnoxiously noisy like windchimes are). I absolutely hate windchimes. And for $2 I bought (for ebay) a pair of military maternity camouflage pants.

Then went to Ace Hardware - they had a bunch of stuff on sale that you could get free once you mailed in the rebate. So I got all the "free" stuff and it came to about $20 (a person could go broke saving money). Now I just got to mail in the rebate - which I know I will do since I am good about that.

Then went to McDonald's for lunch (used a coupon) and I tried one of their new premium chicken sandwiches. Ugh, never again. I think I could sue them and win for their misuse of the word "premium".

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