Tuesday, September 20, 2005

$1 worth of junk

In a post from last week I mentioned buying $1 worth of toys at V V. Well, above is a picture of what I got. Some of the things included a 80's vintage knockoff Strawberry Shortcake type doll, a bunch of vehicles, some Little Tikes toys, a Rescue Hero guy, some Simon games and other toys.

Also in a previous post I mentioned the crappy spelling at my local Food Lion. Well I called their headquarters to ask about it and they were very surprised about the spelling on the sign and would look into it. Well, its been a few weeks and the sign is still there, so I took a pic of it. Shopping carts are provided 4 .....UGHHH!

Not planning on doing any shopping today. I should get busy and start some ebay auctions. Looking forward to watching the Big Brother finale tonight. I'm hoping for Maggie to win - never liked Ivette. Of course I wish that Kaysar or Janelle would win, but that's not going to happen.

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Anonymous said...

You always find some really cool deals!! Keep posting them - I live vicariously through your postings. lol